efficiency and quality in the service of fashion

Constant research, trends and designers able to win a dynamic target audience

Each collection is the fascinating result of an organized and perfectly experienced team performance.

The style office is always on the move and constantly looking for the latest trends, new colors, innovative materials to mix in any collection project and nothing is neglected in order to always provide the market with the excellence and innovation that are expected from a business reality now acknowledged as the industry leader.


This is the secret: our designers are driven by passion for their work and lively curiosity that leads them to experiment, draw, assemble according to the target audience that changes from brand to brand. This commitment summarizes the mission of Dream Project: that is to fascinate the global market with innovative cutting, color and material. Collection after collection.

Beautiful ideas must become true. We know how to do it. The precious guidelines from the style office take shape in an equipped department dedicated to cutting and modeling. In addition the modeling department, managed by experts and professional, transforms fabrics and accessories in clothes. This way our ambition and philosophy find contentmen.


The growth of Dream Project is based on a weighted policy of company empowerment in terms of human and professional resources, both in number and quality standards. Today the company has a lot of employees and relationships with external referenced and reliable professionals. The subsequent development of lines addressed to high image retail amplifies the reputation and business development of the company.

Every new collection has always been extremely appealing thanks to the use of social media. In recent years with the huge advent of the web and social networks, the company has quickly adapted to the new scenario: communication through new means of diffusion using young resources, though skilled and dedicated to the dissemination of the image of the company brands. This way obsolete patterns have been torn apart thanks to the daily work through the world of social media and the web in general.

Dream Project enhances its visibility by participating as the main character in the main trade fairs in Italy and abroad. The company’s turnover has recorded over the years consistent as significant growth.

The distribution abroad was consolidated through its interesting development, through collaborations with partners that the company has already forged solid business relations.

Dream Project: a smooth evolution with rising numbers. The fashion world greatly benefits from the use of online sales that also involve tablets and smart phones. The national and international final consumer is so happy with the “new” means that online trades have recorded 25% more than last year.


Dream Project has not only been observing the phenomenon, but it has also been structured to be able to offer the consumer a service up to its standards.

An organized department ensures e-commerce service in a functional and easy way and allows bringing its own products directly into the consumers’ houses.

The open-mindedness of the company is addressed to new frontiers with one goal: to spread their own passion for the art of fashion.

We have always met and faced the need to change quickly imposed by the new economy because challenge is part of our DNA.



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