Hinnominate is the result of a partnership between Dream Project Spa, a pillar in the fashion world, and the talented Rodriguez brothers, the embodiment of the HINNOMINATE project: an innovative loungewear collection for men and women.

From this fusion of experiences and visions comes a line that fully embodies the distinctive taste of Belen, Cecilia and Jeremias, expressing maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

The source of inspiration for this new collection draws from the relaxed style of American celebrities, who have always appreciated the elegance of comfortable garments but at the same time classy in their spare time.

Today, even in Italy, influencers, models and celebrities have embraced the jumpsuit as an indispensable element in their wardrobe, embodying a new concept of total street couture look.

Here, trousers, hoodies and t-shirts blend boldly but with a perfect harmony, marrying it prestige bag, chelsea boots and sophisticated accessories: the secret formula for an authentic “wow” effect.

Hinnominate’s collection is a hymn to uncompromising practicality, a surprising combination of comfort and style, redefining the art of effortless elegance for men and women who desire a fashion without borders.

In this challenge for excellence Hinnominate stands out for its ability to harmoniously blend comfort and refinement, transforming each piece into a symbol of style and freedom.